At Whispering Waters you will sit up and listen. Listen to the softness of the wind, to the sound of ​water rolling softly towards a faraway ocean, to the languid turn of the trout or the lazy flap of a wing – the sounds of a timeless serenity known only here.

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It’s calving season at Whispering Waters and one can only marvel at these creatures that give birth in the middle of winter. Our beautiful Nguni are a sight to see as well as our glistening trophy trout fishing dams and rolling pastures. The crispness of the air refreshes the mind and the splendour of nature relaxes the body. Come and unwind with us and experience the beauty of this winter wonderland. (August 2019)

Luxury and exclusivity in the heart of the Midlands
Nestled in the rolling hills of the KZN Midlands, Whispering Waters offers several accommodation options surrounded by lush pastures and glistening dams.  Enjoy excellent trout fishing and the ultimate in countryside relaxation. Whispering Waters offers you not only comfortable lodgings and tranquil surroundings but is also close to all the attractions of the Midlands Meander.